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Hello Mrs., Ice

We will try and help you with your questions. It's great the hubby came forward and is taking positive steps to free himself from these evil drugs. That is the biggest step. Sounds like the Detox unit is giving him the right things, the Xanax (A Benzo) will help him handle anxiety and some of the nasty withdrawal symptoms. They are probably also giving him Clonidine which will assist with the withdrawal symptoms. There are a bevy of additional meds that would help with stomach distress and the "runs", hopefully he has access to those as well. Usually days 2-5 are the worst so he needs to hang on, weather the storm and prepare for life without drugs. The initial detox gets you 80% there within 5-7 days but it will take a few weeks most likely to get that last 20% which is sleep patterns, depression, cravings etc...

Not sure why the Dr's office would be in trouble for this? Is there more to the story? Usually it's on the patient and usually we addicts use multiple Dr's and methods to get great quantities of pills. Doc shopping (multiple Drs) is against the law but I would think if this was done by your husband and no one has confronted him on this that most likely you not feel any collateral affects as a result of detox.

Well as far as getting home after the detox recovery unit, the hubby will still be in recovery, physically and mentally. He really needs to get into a support group or support help to reinforce his decision to become drug free and prevent reoccurrence. Many folks use NA (Narcotics Anonymous) or AA or a therapist of some level. This would be important as he will no doubt get cravings or like many of us decide that he really can control the drug intake and not let it get out of control again. He will try and be in control of the pill intake but invariably most if not all fall back on misuse/abuse patterns and usually each relapse or reoccurrence the pill intake quantity is increased (greatly usually).

You and the hubby are headed in the right direction, it sounds like you are very supportive and that is great, God bless you. You need to be very supportive but I would like to add you need to be FIRM. My wife was very supportive for me each and every time I relapsed, but she also had to get firm with me at basically lay down the law which was this can't continue, if it does then you are going to force me into choosing between you and living a life (with our girls) without you and your drug problem. And she was dead serious. She is probably the kindest best natured and compassionate person I have ever met but when I backed her up against the wall with my drug problems she became strong for me and my family (Thank God) Hope you catch my drift on this.

One thing most of us who have succeeded in getting off drugs can tell your husband is that no matter how well he thought life was when he took the drugs or how good he thought he felt, life without drugs is really the finest feeling he will ever experience, it really is so very nice. Not being high is really the ultimate High. No more guilt or wasted time.

Take care


[QUOTE=IceMan65]Hi everyone. Hubby "came clean" (through our pastor) to me about hydrocodone addiction on Friday. He is now in a hospital Addiction Recovery Unit in detox. It is going much better than we expected as far as WD pain, etc. He really is just beginning to feel it bad tonight, but still nothing like what he expected. Has been able to sleep at night up until now, which he didn't expect. Also lucky for us, he has NO evidence of liver damage.

To those of you who know about this stuff, a few questions please:

~ He has been CT for 48+ hours. He was taking a LOT of pills -- are they still in his system and that's why he's not in agony yet? They are giving him Xanax to help w/his ongoing issue w/anxiety, a blood pressure med that starts with a "C" and a nonaddictive sleeping pill that starts with a "T". (Real descriptive, sorry.) No suboxone, or whatever was mentioned the other day on this board.

~ Is our doctor's office going to be in trouble for all this?

~ WHAT DO I DO WHEN HE GETS HOME?! It's not very scary when he's off doing his thing in detox. I'm scared of when he gets home. I don't know what to expect or what to do.

Thank you for your support of DH.

Mrs. IceMan[/QUOTE]

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