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Re: I need help
Nov 3, 2003

Seems like we have talked in the past (hmmmm)

So I think I suggested this previously but I think you need to get into a Suboxone program to help with the cravings and withdrawal and maintaining college/work balance.

Now let me address something that I think will hinder you from getting this issue under control. If I read your post correctly you really don't want to stop using opiates, you want to cut back and use occasionally and you do not want to give up the buzz completely. You also say you want to stay away from opiates a long time, but not necessarily for ever.

OK, I have to give you my opinion and it's going to be to the point. I really don't think you can have middle ground. You are either using all the time and totally out of control or you are totally off and in full control with no opiates in your life. I don't think taper is a rational approach as given what your thoughts are; it most likely will not help or work for you. Until you decide your life needs to be void of all opiates you probably will not utilize a taper program well or a Suboxone program well as you most likely are not committed to them and without 100% unconditional commitment you will most like not ever succeed. There really is no middle ground or grey area with opiates. And if you don't get of that speeding train soon you are headed for the biggest train wreck you can ever imagine, which will destroy your life which includes school and your J-O-B. And once you are in a hole its so hard to recover.

You are at a crossroads and you need to quickly decide are you off opiates and into life without drugs or you accept your position you are in and fade off into the sunset. You really need to try life again without drugs. It surely beats being lazy, emotionless and non-alive. I can tell you without hesitation that life without drugs is alive, full of emotion and full of energy. You had that and lost it to the drugs, but you can easily get it back with work and a decision to stop using opiates. A full 100% commitment on your part. I'm living the good life every day and I thought nothing would beat an opiate high, wrong thought on my part. Life without opiates is the best "High" you'll ever experience, trust me it really is. You need to give it a chance, an honest effort and try, then decide is it life with or without drugs.

Well I'm sorry and apologize if I rambled here or I'm to high on my soap box but I so want you to enjoy a life which is drug free and for you to make a good decision to be life free of opiates. Itís good, really good without opiates. This is all I can offer, the hard part is yours, you need to make your decision and be totally committed. You can do it, really can and you wonít be disappointed.

Take care and I hope this helps you out.


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