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ok, as far as the Zyprexa and the Lexapro go they are very new medications. Zyprexa is an "atypical" antipsychotic drug. It's a combination antipsychotic drug like "orap" anti-depressant and hypnotic drug like "valium". It's in it's own class called "thienobenzodiazepines" This drug is commonly used for manic depression and schizophrenia. If he is prescribed this just for insomnia I would look at other options. If you look on the internet you'll find that this drug could cause hypoglycemia causing diabetes and in fact killing people who are already diabetics. Now that Lilly has settled a class action lawsuit because of this drug, people are stopping the drug abruptly and having symptoms of benzodiazepine withdrawal which is the worst. I was on this drug and ill be happy to tell you more about it.

I just have one question, he must have not admitted to drug abuse because there is no way he would be giving methadone w/o a clinic.

Opiates, People say no but in fact methadone can be and is abused. He is quite classic actually, opiates stop working after a while and you actually have to cut back or detox to regain less tolerence. This is infact very dangerous because without the tolerence there is a better chance of respiratory depression leading to arrest. I would read up and gain a lot of knowledge about the drugs and have a sit down with him. Then maybe you both can come to a conclusion to help him get better.

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