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Some plans are finally solidifying, although this makes me very anxious, depressed, etc. I go inpatient medical detox for 3 days and then upon discharge be put on suboxone, at least for the time being. I've been fighting and stuggling with this option, but I know I have to do something now to get off these pills. I go in on Monday 11/10 for 3 days. When the detox place said maybe more days...i said NO...why should I fully detox if I'm planning to get on suboxone?? I called the Dr. about this to make sure that this will be the limit of my stay.

someone was talking about how you no longer get "high" from pills and for the most part I would agree with that. Lately, it seems that no matter what I took, I didn't feel any kind of euphoria, just normal and calm, but not really high - which is why last night surprised me.

I just took 3 as usual, at some point in the evening, and 1/2 later I DID feel that floating feeling as if I was taking it for the 1st time~! This puzzled me. Was this a trick? body was playing on me. Anyhow, IF I felt that way every time, which I don't, I'm not even sure i could stop. I remembred how powerful that "feeling" was because it happened yesterday evening.

So - I feel as if I have 5 days left of these pills, and feeling very afraid of letting them go. what will replace them?

thanks for listening.

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