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Philster hit it on the head, here is some more indepth info, not happy news!. Its a dangerous game us addicts play. I would assume (90% sure) I have taken about 20,000 Hydros over a 3 year period. I get my enzymes checked every 6 months and thank the good lord so far so good!. It's strange, In college they would roll ya up in Tape, give ya a shot of Cortisone and then after the game ice/Hot Tub a solid rub-down and pain pills to relax and help ya sleep. This went on for 5 years but after school I was done?! so W'Ds never addicted. It wasn't untill my 30's (36) that things started falling apart and needed cleanup surgerys and repaired ACLs (my 4th), AC Joints in shoulders cleaned and ankles and knees....Well ya get the piture so then the little Pills came and came and came......Good luck hope this helps, sorry for rambling :)

Here is your answer to you're question freind:

Acetaminophen (Oral, Percocet): Side Effects


You may experience the following side effects with the use of this drug:

Common Symptoms

Dizziness or drowsiness
Nausea and vomiting
Hypotension (low blood pressure)
Fatigue or sedation
Less Common to Rare Symptoms

Unusual bleeding or bruising
Stomach pain
Painful or frequent urination
Loss of appetite
Decreased urine
Breathing problems
Bloody or cloudy urine
Life-threatening Symptoms

Difficulty breathing
Possible Overdose Symptoms

Respiratory depression
Renal tubular necrosis (pathological death of renal tubular cells)
Hypoglycemic coma (metabolic disorder of the brain caused by low blood sugar)
Skeletal muscle flaccidity
Cardiac arrest
Thrombocytopenia (low concentration of platelets in blood)
Hepatic necrosis (pathological death of liver cells)
Extreme somnolence (sleepiness) progressing to stupor (impaired state of consciousness marked by a diminished reaction to external stimuli) or coma
Cold and clammy skin
Apnea (lack of breathing)
Note: The most serious symptoms of an acetaminophen overdose is hepatic necrosis, which can potentially be fatal In adults, hepatic toxicity has rarely been reported with an acute overdose of less than 10 g and fatalities with less than 15 g
What to Do in Case of Overdose


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