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Hi, Phil....thanks for the feedback! On the contrary...I don't think we really disagree at all. It's hard to pack everything into a thread and sometimes I don't get everything out. orrrrr...there's a name for it in the hcv community...called "brainfog", lol!

I, of course, agree with you that there are indeed people that will need to be prescribed opiates and/or benzo's for whatever reason....and I have no argument with that at all. I was more talking about people that are trying this themselves.....self prescribing....fooling around with's just too damned "iffy".'s hard enough for a physician to get the correct dosage and they're trained....let alone someone that is trying to detox themselves and doesn't want to deal with the discomfort.

Phil....I got on this benzo/opiate campaign bigtime starting last year when I received a letter from a grieving father that had just lost his son in a HOSPITAL setting where they had given him too much methadone and Xanax. The young man was like 15 years old and it was a pathetic situation. Since then....I cannot tell you how many OD's and even deaths that have come to my attention with the mixture of Benzo's and opiates.

I think we're both basically saying the same thing....and that is to BE CAREFUL...listen to your Dr. and NOT what you hear on the internet from a well intentioned poster. Your life could depend on it.

Hope you all have a great weekend!!......H.H.

[QUOTE=Philster2003]I would like to add a different perspective or additional supplemental thoughts:

I agree that the use of a (abuse) benzodiazepine in conjunction with use of or abuse of Opiates is most likely something that should be avoided. But here is where I need to add that there are many, many folks being treated by highly professional people (DR's) that have a legitimate reason to be on Opiate based pain medications as well as a benzodiazepine and are prescribed this treatment plan based on each individual situation. These would include folks with Chronic Pain issues. Also, having had the pleasure of detoxing a few times (arrrg) and consulting with detox facilities and researching detox protocols that the use of benzodiazepine's in the treatment of "cold Turkey" detox is an accepted and approved practice. With alcohol detox Valium is the preferred benzodiazepine. With Opiates they typically use Librium or Valium because of the longer half life’s of these meds. Also when you look at the detox protocols you will usually read that the use of benzodiazepine's is limited to 3-5 days and not usually longer. This is to avoid jumping of one withdrawal issue and into another one with the benzodiazepine's. Using benzodiazepine's for 3-5 days (in a tapered fashion) normally will not cause withdrawal issues.

Like any situation when you are required to use multiple drugs n the treatment of health issues it’s extremely important to understand each medication and their interactions to avoid complications from drug interactions. This applies to opiates and benzodiazepine's also.

The words of caution from hcvhelp are well founded but I wanted to add some additional information that would allow a responsible decision by those here and not to arbitrarily not consider benzodiazepine's in the opiate “cold Turkey” detox process. If not prescribed benzodiazepine's for a health issue unrelated to opiate addiction I would not use benzodiazepine's in the tapering method of detox.

Not trying to rock the boat here or be disrespectful, just additional info and if anything an “agree to disagree” situation


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