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My doctor did tell me that they 'healed' your receptors which is why you feel differently when you get off and that is why it works. Of course, he also told me it would be illegal for him to prescribe Meth for me so he hasn't always been truthful about things. He actually told me to use the fentanyl patch and take the Suboxone at the same time... Isn't that insane? But, I have some meth and am going to take 2 10mg a day for about 3 or 4 days... Then, I guess I wait 72, 48, or 24 hours before the suboxone? I was on Lortab 10 about 18 a day but when I went to see him, he put me on the patch for 3 weeks... Now I'm really addicted to that physically and the withdrawals from that are much worse than Lortab. That's why I'm taking the meth instead for a few days because I KNOW that works from withdrawing. I just so desperately want to stop! I realized that I would die from this just like my mother did when it hit me that I couldn't live with them and I couldn't live without them. That's when I went to see the doc and try to get help! It's a scary feeling being so out of control. But the Meths obviously keep me feeling great! I so wish I could take these forever... See what I mean? I'm SO ADDICTED! What did you do when you got so sick? How long did you wait before trying again? And also, please advise on the amount of time to wait from the meth to the Suboxone. Thanks to both of you for all of the info!

[QUOTE=Murphy555]Not sure I understand this?
If you're on suboxone and stop taking it; and then take opiates again, it doesn't work the same?
Why not, if you've stopped taking it?
What does "if you try to run the stuff" mean?

If you stoopped the suboxone for 48 hours or so; it should be out of your system right? And I would think that opiates would work thes ame once that was the case?

Or maybe I'm not understanding.


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