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Re: Oprah show
Nov 19, 2003
I just watched Oprah. Terry was great. I had no idea at first she did c/t. Wow....[/QUOTE]

Hi annie (love your name, btw :)),

From what has been discussed about Terri and the issue of c/t; she was at six weeks of recovery at the time of the show's taping. Prior to that six weeks, it's my understanding from her posts here and other places that she tried to taper, tried c/t, and couldn't do either so turned to a doctor and began a replacement drug to reduce the effects going c/t would produce.

For the last 6-7 weeks, she has been under a suboxone doctor's care, and the suboxone lessens the withdrawal symptoms so a person is not really going c/t when doing this. At a 1,000-pill/month habit, I wonder if any amount of hairstyling and makeup could disguise what a person going straight cold would really look like after only 40-some days of being in real c/t withdrawals. Can you imagine being on 40 pills a day and then just quitting to zero c/t! Sounds impossible, and it was for her which is why she's doing the sub.

It seems there is a big enough difference that even Oprah changed the show's summary on her web site and eliminated that Terri quit cold turkey, because she really didn't...yes, she tried and relapsed, which is exactly what the Hazeldon dr. pointed out. If you try to do it alone, your odds of relapsing are very high.

I agree that if she helped one person, even if it's only herself, that will help her recovery, and that's a great thing. As the Hazeldon dr. stated, nobody can do it alone, and trying to do it c/t is very dangerous to one's health. Terri had to be off the pain pills for 24 hrs. before she could begin the replacement drug, suboxone, per her doctor's directions. (I am not sure, so please don't quote me, but I understand that taking suboxone is akin to say a heroin addict turning to methadone to get off the heroin), but at some point, they too have to get off that drug to be completely drug free and further their journey into recovery, and that's what I gathered from the Hazeldon dr. It appears then that her next step will be getting off the suboxone?

I have no doubt that 24-hour period (maybe I misunderstood, was that the c/t reference in your quote?) was pure hell for her, and she was very fortunate to have the resources to obtain the suboxone drug, which I understand from others here and in other places, is an opiate also, and doctors who are qualified to prescribe suboxone are hard to find. It's great that there's a drug that reduces the terrifying, sickening w/d symptoms, so perhaps she will be more of a viable representative of a recovering addict when she is no longer on any pills of any kind and is working her steps, and dealing with her real life problems on a different level than the comfort this suboxone provides. It would be great if Oprah did a follow up in 6 mths. to see how all of these women are doing.

I was very impressed by the woman who "came out" (was her name Debbie or Barbara, maybe?) anyway, the one who has chronic migraines. She was a refreshing voice in the whole show, I feel, along w/the obvious--the dr. from Hazeldon--because she just did the first thing--admitted her problem--and was advised by the Hazeldon dr. to go into a detox facility immediately, because it's not a matter of will power as some might think it was w/the guest if they think she did it c/t. I sincerely hope her family when they see the show, will be supportive and understanding of her situation, she will need them.

The lady that touched me the most was the nurse who was calling in fake scripts, and then turned to crack and cocaine when she got caught. These women in the audience appeared more representative of the "we've been there [where Terri and the lady w/migraines currently are] and look at what we've done, but we're drug free, and if we can do it, then you [Terri and the lady w/migraines] can too" by virtue of their having been entirely drug free and for a much longer time than any of the guests--I will say that I missed the last 15 minutes or so of the show, so if something else was said that I misquoted or left out in this post, please fill me in, because I might have missed something that would have changed my perception of Terri, the lady w/migraines and the recovering women in the audience. I was very disappointed I had to miss the ending!

From the info I got from the show, it appears Terri is still a long way away from the place the women in the audience seem to be, and I wish her nothing but the best as she faces the future of life w/o drugs of any kind.

Good luck to all here, and best wishes, Annie...

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