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20mg Valium AM
1mg Xanax 4x per day = 80mg Valium
30mg Restoril at bed time.

I got that from the manual that has been posted here. I highly recommend you seach for this information on the web before w/d from these drugs. Opiates are no walk in the park by any means, but benzos have such horrible rebound effects. For SOME, if you were given them for panic disorder or anxiety, the panic and anxiety is 100 fold when or IF you decide they may be causing other problems such as depression. So, a very slow taper is highly recommended.

I agree that we are all different. Some have problems after using these drugs for only a short time 3-6 months, some people may not. IMHO, most that have been on them for a year or more and try to stop experience a variety of w/d symptoms one of which are siezures. These are drugs that you really need to be under a doctor's care. Finding one that is familiar with benzo w/d can be difficult and that is why I would search the Internet for: Benzodiazepines - How They Work and How to Withdrawal....IF you want help tapering off of these meds. If you are not so inclined, please disregard. If you are comfortable on them, and feel they are a great benefit, then this does not apply to you. I'm not judging anyone's use.

BTW, it has been 83 hours since I took my last Norco!! I'm starting to feel human again. I have to say though, I am soooo glad it's Friday. I'm going to rent movies, and take it easy ALL weekend.


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