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Hi sadsister

Been on suboxone for a little while - same amount as you 8 mg. I've had a very stressful week/time lately, and I haven't felt like relapsing.
Sometimes, and I can't predict it, I feel my eyes getting heavy, and I almost feel like I'm nodding off. It's not high, but it's not an unpleasant feeling.
I also take klonopin. I have been taking it for year. Have no intention for stopping; it has helped my anxiety condition for a long time with no adverse affects.
I also notice that when I take 1mg at night, I really cannot keep my eyes oopen to long; often I try and read and I have been falling asleep with the light on, upright! So, yes it must be extra sedating. Other times, i watch TV, real sedated, and for me it's not a bad feeling as I like feeling sedated and relaxed.

I also know the 90 year old feeling altho that past few days it has disappeared. The first week, I woke up feeling every muscle/bone hurting.
But I also felt that this may not be due to the suboxone.
I once detoxed before, and I felt the same aches and pains not taking th suboxone.
I really think it's withdrawal. suboxone doens't take away everything.

I have mixed feeling about staing on suboxone even tho it has hellped me. It's still an opiate, and addictiing and hard to get off. So if one ever wants to stop, they will be facing withdrawal again.

I've accepted klonopin into my life, maybe suboxone? I don't know.

Good to hear from you doin???
I know the benzo thing is tough..Im on 1-2 mgs of ativan daily..and by 10:00 at night im nodding out.My husband said it reminds him of when i was using/im burning myself w/ ciggs.Whoops!Im just so beat by the end of the the time i take my night meds..we are talking.."nighty nite.
Its actually not cool cos i now ruined my fave vintage ski sweater and my lovely throw i cuddle w/ on the i could set the house a-fire..not really but you know..i am fullysedated by 11:00.So-that is a problem.
Chef..harsh story..drug psychosis..i did have a psychotic episode once where i thought dead people were talking to me in the shower..but that must have been really frightening..maybe this is why the bupe/and benzo thing is frowned upon.
Yinsky..i love to perform there years ago w/ my band and also went as a tourist.You guys know your Rock music/love Shack/super furry animals/the fall..bowie..pistols/yardbirds..the english rule.
Im actually NOT up to the challenge right involved in serious therapy/med thing right now..severe ptsd/panic/depression so the benzo issue is where its at.
But i am making progress and i would consider going off these eventually.I will have to.Same as the bupe..i did trade one specific illegal drug for a host of legal medication.
But honestly..i need them.Maybe not forever..but i am so much more on the planet than i was.
I work daily/complete my chores/do my bills..manage my home/business..and can FOOD SHOP!
I was agoraphobic for a year.Could barely leave my house.
This is partly due to addiction issues i was not using at the time and was getting sicker by the hour!I have had psychological problems since childhood due to severe abuse from my father-a raging angry fool/my sister is very ill/also an addict in recovery.
Anyways enough of my excuses just being honest.
But when im ready to let go of mt "attiboys"..ill let you know.
I just wish that we can all find some peace in this lifetime w/o the use of any substance.
I have tremendous empathy for anyone having to deal w/ is a rough road/and a heavy load.
Happy Thanxgiving must be cookin' up a storm today..whatch cookin? turkey for you today..ill save you a "joint of turkey"lol
im a weirdo.

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