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So what are you saying Hope? Do you think that Sub should be marketed only for people who will use it forever? Is that what you meant be Maintenance? So in reality if one agrees to take it in order to stop the cycle of abuse they should do so and be ready to stay on the sub forever? I need to know as much as I can.[QUOTE=Hopefortoday]You're right Chef. It will be interesting to see how many actually do make that "ultimate decision to quit" after stopping the Suboxone. I think those with a strong recovery plan (NA, AA, Smart Recovery, RR, etc.) in place will have the greatest chances to stay clean.

Suboxone was never marketed to be simply a detox drug (although some doctors who don't know what they are doing are treating it that way). It is a maintenance drug . . . supposed to be used long-term.

Spark . . . good luck . . . I know you want to get off of the Sub bad enough, so you WILL do it!! Keep going to some meetings for support too, especially when you get completely off of it.

Good luck to you who are trying to quit it and to those who are not on it and contemplating it![/QUOTE]

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