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Re: Sometin wrong?
Dec 7, 2003
Don't understand your post.
You said, get off the meds I'm on now.
Is it because of the symptoms I described.
I honestly don't think it's because of the suboxone.
I think it's something that was covered up while I was taking the pills~!


I'm not really contemplating using now too much.
And I don't know if I'm still withdrawing.
But I DO know that after 3 months of "withdrawing" from darvocets, I h ad the SAME aches and pains.
So that's why I'm th inkin, it's not FROM the suboxone, but something I'm gonna feel if I stop the opiates. I'm just wondering WHY the suboxone isn't h elping something like this.

Yes, the ibuprofen helps the ahces and pains, altho I don't like to take that. I get kind of speedy when I'm on that.

Noone seems to have an answer to that question: Does the w/d really last that long. maybe it does with some people. I don't know. I just remember these aches and pains from the last time. Ya know, it's only a month; maybe need more time.

Hey, its funny what you said about your think he's using, hahah. Yeah, I read the stuff where he said you couldn't take them at the same time, and he really did sound like a nut case to me.

I notice that I'm not eating properly with the subooxone; at least not healthily.
And late at night, I feel l ike having bread and butter!!! So that will put the weight on I'm sure. Yes, I seem to crave starch, but I can go through the day w/o eating. I seem to have a hard time deciding what I WANT to eat, except at night when all I went is bread and butter.

When you say you felt strange,drugged; what kind of feeling; I feel that way at times; like I'm nodding out sort of. And I keep waking up in the middle of the night (4AM) with the light on, pillows propped up with a book in my hand? I don't remember when I fall asleep. Sp I'm feeling the affects of the xanax and suboxone; triples my sedation; that's what it feels like. I actually like that feeling though.

You know, it's too bad about your doc. Is there anyway you can switch and find someone you can trust? I trust mine and I think that's so important esp when you're taking a new med. Witht he acjhes & pains; they call the manufacturer to see how many people have this, overall or if it's a major problem so they are looking out for me.

You take care hon

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