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Ha Ha spark. It is such a hearing loss by painkillers is such a serious subject that it probably should be lightened up by some humor every once and a while. I know I used to be so worried about it so much I would have anxiety attacks because of it - and no - I didn't have anything but breathing techniques to help through those attacks - and yeah, that did wonders! It's been a several months clean of everything (except the one or twice a week Ambien) and I am starting to think I may be in the clear hearing wise but don't want to jinx anything yet. But your joke did make me laugh pretty good. Although I'm not so sure about Froggirl.

And you are absolutely right man. Withdrawls can be utter hell - but they only last for a short (realtive) period of time. Getting through that hell is the easy part. Staying sober is the real problem. For all of us. Even those with ten years sobriety under their belt will often tell you that many times have been excruciatingly difficult.

One thing I have learned, and I have said it before on this board, is that few - if any addicts - can STAY clean by themselves. Life is not a solo sport and we all need support no matter what we do in one form or another. Detoxing can be done alone and is dangerous depending on what drug you detox from. Like Spark said, Vicodin/Percocet/T3 should be hell but mostly safe as long as you don't go from taking 50 pills a day to nothing - I would think that would be dangerous - but I am no authority. However, detoxing from long-term use of benzos (Klonopin, Valium, Xanax), is much more dangerous and should be done under a knowledgeable Dr.'s supervision in my opinion.

Like Spark mentioned, I think you should be ok detoxing from Vicodin as long as you taper best you can and be prepared to feel pretty bad for about a week.

By the way Spark, how are things coming along? Are you still using, on sub or what. I'm interested. Good luck to both of you.

I know you often doubt this Spark, but it can be done! ****, if I can do it, so can you. Good luck man.


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