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[QUOTE=greggr]Thanks for your input Ron, you know going to this detox center is a big decision, this is something I only want to do once. It is very important to me that I find out as much information as possible before I make a decision. All the input helpls.

The program I am entering I will only be on the BUP for a week, from all the posts I have been reading it seems that a lot of you guys stay on BUP for a longer period of time. Do you think the dosage I will be getting will get me clean or is it something that needs to be taken for a few weeks even months. I just dont want to run into a situation where I am trying to now come off something else all over again.

The detox center gives you all this promising information and it sounds great but hearing it from any one out there that really knows from experience to me is more important in the decision making. Whatever it takes to kick this habit I am ready for but I def can't do it without a detox of some sort and the methadone clinic I heard is not a good idea at all.[/QUOTE]

As far as taking it for detox - I myself thought it was amazing.
I thought I was going inpatient detox awhile back to detox medically (using clonidine, sleeping pills, ativan, etc) and then on the 3rd day to be given suboxone and stabilize on the right dose.
Then the hospital said to me that they are only doing suboxone detoxes now. I was a little nervous to just take it. That wasn't the orders of my Dr. on the outside.
Anyway, about 10 hours after I had taken my last pill (and like you, I was taking hydrocodone 10/325, 20 a day .. no oxycicodone); and I started to feel those withdrawals coming on, I remember my body started to twitch, everything was tearing, I was yawning, couldn't stop.
Then they gave me just 1 2 mg pill under my tongue.
20 minutes later, I felt relaxed, no withdrawals, up in spirits, etc.
And another before I went to sleep 4 hours later.
In the AM, I didn't feel it was necessary to even take one, but I did to keep consistent.

I'm still on it, and at the end of the month would like to start to begin the taper process. Yes, I hear it is hard to withdraw from - just like any other opiates - and if I can't do it after trying very very very hard, maybe I'll think about going back on it, even if that means 2 mg a day. Man, it was a godsend to me that day.


Ok I have been getting my meds from my doctor. All of my pain meds. I was so addicted to them and I had enough of them and wanted to stop but I knew I was going to have Wd's. So I did the reasearch on Suboxone and gave it to him to look into. So instead of the normal Methodone he gave me 8mg's of Suboxone to take every 6 hours. Well when I was done with it I figure since I felt good I didnt need it anymore. Well I herd that Sub stays in your body for like 36 bhours, so what i think happened was when it ran its course out of my body I went into withdrawls. Once I call him and renewed my perscription and took that first pill 15 minutes after I was feeling better and I was able to sleep that night and since then.
Sub does work and works great but Im not sure what is going to happen when I dont have this drug. Note I might also have something mediclly wrong with my stomach too. Pain medication is very dangerous and has impacted my life in so many way mentally, physicly, and spirtiutaly. Be carefull and best wishes to all.

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