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Your words are always encouraging. I too am a recoverying heroin addict and alcoholic. I had 10 years clean and sober until a recent surgery back in March. I neglected to tell the doctor I was an addict and you know the rest I'm sure. He sent me home with Lortabs 7.5/500 and kept refilling them until one day he said no more. I found myself out looking for a connection again for heroin. After a 7-month run, 2 grams a day, I just completed a VA detox and am back on track again, although still experiencing some withdrawal symptoms because it's only been 31 days, mostly insomnia. I am going to meetings everyday now and getting ready to go back to work. The only answer I've ever been able to come up with for my addiction that lasts is being totally drug free and working those 12-steps, along with a sponsor and a spiritual connection (that is the key). Anyway, I had a lot of shame and guilt about losing those 10 years drug free but now I'm becoming able to put it behind me and move forward. During those 10-years I was able to return to school and get my BA and Master's degrees and I'm getting ready to return to work in a job that I love, working with others. Everyone has to find their own way to recovery and mine is through the Grace of God and the 12 steps. Being drug free also helps! Thanks again for your words of encouragement and example you live! Take care![/QUOTE]


Great post and I'm glad you started this thread. Congratulations on your sobriety. Thank you so much for sharing your experience because it does give hope to all addicts still suffering. I know these kinds of posts helped me to realize I can get off of the pills, I could c/t, no, it's not pleasant but definitely doable. I know it doesn't feel that way in the midst but the w/d passes and you feel GOOD again. I did a c/t and have 27 days clean today. Hurray for me too!

David, I can totally relate to your relapse. I had 13 years of sobriety and started messing around with my poison...all pills. Boy you did a lot with your life while remaining sober. Hopefully, we both will not let our guard down again regarding addictive meds. I can't take them home with me, I know that much. If I need pain meds in the future for some reason, I know I will be sure to tell the doc...anything to help me stay clean.


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