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Is anyone/everyone having this same experience with suboxone? I feel I have made one of the biggest mistakes of my life. I was addicted to hydrocodone but now I think I am much worse off with suboxone. After 6 weeks I still don't feel well dropping from 8 to 6mg suboxone. Im very irritable and in a bad mood most of the time. I don't sleep well. Many times during the day I get typical opiate withdrawals. I am at the point where I feel sick when I take it and sick when I dont take it. Worse still, if I try to go above 8mg a day, I feel sick.

Is there anyway out of this mess that does not involve suffering for months at a time? Is it simply a matter of slowing my dotox? It would seem that a month and half is long enough to get use to a small dose cut. I tried switching back using oxycontin and it did not work. It was good the first day when I took 2 40mg oxycontin but it was all down hill from there. By the 6th day I was using 7 a day with no end in sight. I went back to 8mg of suboxone and was sick for a full week after until my body adjusted again. I never intended to be on this stuff for more than 2 months. I thought 2 months would get me well past any hydrocodone withdrawals I would have. Now I am stuck in suboxone hell.

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