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Dec 17, 2003
hey everyone....i'm 16 and was recently diagnosed with fibromayaglia...i fell off of a trampoline 2 years ago and ever since then i became sick...since i got head/neck trauma from the trampoline, i get extremely painful headaches...ugh they're terrible and i get them everyday...i was prescribed a bunch of different drugs for the pain and then i had a one is sure what it was from but the drs i've been to pretty much think that it was the combination of medicine i was taking...i had to get off all of my wasn't helping much but it helped somewhat, so i got even worse...the only think that takes the pain away from my headaches is percocet....i take it about 3 times a day at different times and i realized when i took one that i developed a tolerance and it wasn't working anymore...i decided i didnt wnat to get addicted anymore and i didn't want my mom to figure out i was taking more than one, so i didn't take them for 2 days...this was the longest time i went without taking one for about 1 1/2-2 months...i thought i was fine but then i went to the mall with my friends and i got so hands were like shaking and they felt really heavy and it was just terrible..then i got realllyyy dizzy...if i wasn't in a wheelchair i probably would've fell...i thought it was my blood sugar and ate a cookie but it didn't do it happened again...i also had a lot of trouble i couldn't get a full breath...and then i took one about a half hour ago and now i feel fine.....i'm really scared becuz i need the percocet for my pain, but i'm getting addicted i think..i don't know what to do and i'm really scared..i can't tell my mom cuz she'll take them away...i'm scared : (

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