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Drew- I dont know if this will help. I also was on X. After not doing it for awhile I too noticed a "panicky" type feeling. I have switched addictions a lot. I have gone from just pot to coke to X to opiates. That is why this might not help because it was a number of things for me. After finally quitting everything except pot, I was left feeling empty and nervous. It is very difficult for me to be out in public. I have always been outgoing--(high) And now I cant even look other people in the eye.
I am starting to change that, though, I am beginning to realize that I am not the same person as i was when I started using. I am 27 now and I started using at age 12-(hard drugs) No one is even near the same mentally as they are from age 12 to 27. Your body and mind go through so many NATURAL changes alone with out drugs. Anyway, my point is , is that I have to mentally become a whole new person. I have to decide if I want to be that person who is scared of everything and everyone or if I can face life head on with a jaw clenched smile.
I think the irreparable damage that we have done to our bodies has been done. There is no going back. We can only try to fix that and tweak it so that it is just right for who we are TODAY.

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