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It's going to be o.k. Let me ask a few questions.... Exactly when did you start on Suboxone (I'm assuming you went ahead and started it since you are not going through physical withdrawals?) and how much are you taking and when? Also, are you on an anti-depressant and/or anything for anxiety like Xanax or anything else? Also, tell me your situation, how you got on drugs, how much were you taking, how long, your family situation (do you have a husband/boyfriend/family memeber that knows and is there to help you?) Please tell me as much as you would like to. I'll tell you a little... when I started on Suboxone, the first day was wonderful because I felt so good physically. The next few days were rough because I missed the drugs so much. I wasn't craving them, I just missed the high and the realization that I could never use again hit me... I was very depressed. I then started on Lexepro (anti depressant) and had to play around with the dosage to get it right. It, along with the Suboxone has helped me so much. I'm happy now! Of course, we all have our times where we are down or easily frustrated but overall, I'm doing so much better. I think the depression is going to come along with stopping the pills because it's like losing a best friend. Even though that best friend was killing us. However, the anti depressant really helped. I take Xanax for anxiety but with the Sub, don't need to take it as much as I used to. The sleeping thing will get better too. I found it took about a week for me to start feeling drowsy at night. What happens is, as soon as I sit down on the couch to watch TV (after feeding three SMALL children, bathing them, etc.) which is normally around 8:30, I start to get really tired and could fall asleep right there. Trust me, the longer you are on the Suboxone, you will start to sleep really well. Another thing I've noticed is that if I take my last dosage later in the day, then I don't get as sleepy in the evening so I try to take it before 2:00 p.m. Please let me know your information. You can get through this. I know you can!!!! The suboxone will help.

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