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This is where a board becomes a menu of information, thoughts and choices/opportunities. There are a number of opinions and suggestions. Iíve told you what worked well for me and I chose a path that was the result of extensive research on my part as I like to make well informed choices, even while in the throws of addiction. Thatís why some detox clinics use benzoís, others use Ultram, others use methadone, while others may use Suboxone or vitamins. Greg, you asked for help and thoughts and youíve received a number of choices and directions. You need to decide which path is best for you. Personally I would use benzoís again if I had to go this path again, but I would not exceed the daily recommended dosage which is 40mg or 10mg every 6 hrs or take that level more then 3 or 4 days at most I did the 3 day path. As my Dr told me that should be enough to basically knock you out which was fine with me. Oh I still felt the withdrawal when I was awake. Again just my opinion but whether you use a benzo or methadone or suboxone itís all the same and if this is a short term use (5-10 days) its not substituting in my mind. I also think that coming off opiates with the sudden stoppage approach is cold turkey even if you use a benzo, and or clonidine or ambient or Imodium or Phenergan. The opiate intake has stopped and as long as you on a short term use (3-7 days) of the meds to ease a bit of the withdrawal then you should not have any collateral effects from those meds. No matter what you take withdrawal is painful and the meds help but do not come close to elimination of withdrawal. I also agree that the pain of withdrawal is a helpful deterrent to future use or relapse as typically you really donít want to go through withdrawal to many times. I canít comment on if itís easier if you are younger and more difficult as you get older as I was old when I put myself through this fiasco of addiction. But logic would tell me that everything I do, all the pains and aches I have seem more pronounced and prolonged with age so there may be great truth in withdrawal being more painful with age lol.

Just let us know how you are doing and remember, YOU ARE STRONGER THEN YOU THINK YOU ARE! You can do it.


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