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Hi everyone, it is that time its time to come clean. I have been taking about 25 10mg/325 vicoden with some oxycotin in there as well. I was going to do a detox center where they inject the suboxone but one of my friends went there first after he came home after 5 days taking 3 shots a day and I guess they never tapered him off but when he got home it was like like back to done one with cold turkey. He ended up toughing it out but he said it was really tough.

So after hearing that story I figure let me save $3000 and try to tackle this by myself. My questions to all of you, I have some valuims that I plan on using to help the w/d's. Is this safe to pratically put myself to sleep for a few days. I don't want to kill myself, but figure sleeping will be the best, my fiance is going to be supporting me through this, she went shopping for food and got vitamins and took off the whole next 9 days to help me. I am ready to end this disease now.

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