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Hi everyone told a antidepressant/w /a heavy sedating property that it became the standard sleep med(esp. for addicts) due to its non-addictive qualities.
Totally safe med..they give you in detox,etc.
Take a half of 100mg..otherwise too sedating(hangover,yuck!)
The other meds im on:zoloft/ativan/suboxone/abilify..
Ive been cutting down on all my meds..suboxone is a pretty good the zoloft isn't that nessecery.Ativan(oh,doctor please don't take my ativan is for panic/anxiety..need those cos of those sneaky panic attacks..other stuff..i dont know.mood i less moody?I guess.
I could become a pharmascist..hehehe..only kidding..but w/ computers you can do lots of research.
Yep..demon a veritable wash of psych meds now..but better off i suppose.
Dont worry the trazadone is safe..just go easy..try a quarter or half so you don't feel un-well!!Im punchy today!
Hope you had a good holiday!

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