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Oh GOD I wish these people would take their own inventory and be hard core working the program 12-step people; that's their thing, but the reason WHY you probably feel guilty and are questioning yourself as to whether you're cheating sobriety by taking suboxone and then your friend insinuating xanax as well, is because society and the 12-step people have conditioned you to feel this way.

If YOU have a better quality of life, if YOU're happier becuase you're taking a medically approved opiate that takes you away from taking all the lortabs or other opiates you can posibbly take, if you could for one second un-condition yourself as to what other people think of what you're doing and ask yourself - an I OK with this?

I've struggled with this question too. People constantly telling you, well you're not really clean. BTW, who invented the definition of "clean"? anyway. A person with goo morals and character is clean; a person with a chemical imbalance trying to get back in balance is struggling ith their quality of life.

What I think? Only you have that answer. If it's helped you and it sure sounds like it has, then be grateful that there is a time in your life that you are able to take a medication that will help with withdrawals, and won't zone you out, and helps you with your cravings.

then there are those that will tell ya that but you don't really know how it feels to be clean of all drugs and opiates, since you're still takin them. How do they know. How can they put themselves in anybody shoes and tell them how they must feel, should feel, and if they don't reach the path of sobriety their way, it is NOT the righ way.

I also struggle with this guilt feeling with benzos. i take them for a medical reason. But people have always told me, well then you're an addict, you're not clean. Hey, this is between me and my Dr. He felt it would help me 8 years ago. It has. And I don't show addictive behaviors toward it. Yet, i'm a junkie because I gotta take xanax or klonopin. Come on.

There are so many things that we as human beings put in our body. Cigarettes, fats, sugars, coffee, etc. Where do the 12-steppers draw the line. BTW I am not bashing 12-steppers. I thinnk it is wonderful because it's a place of support and acceptance (and we all need that, right) but for me when it starts getting into working the steps, the program, it gets to be so much a part of their life that it's almost cultist or something. And when someone starts pushing it on me, I take a step backwards. And because I don' care for it, I've got a big problem according to them.

Geez sorry, I guess this his a nerve. It's between you, your spiritual self and your Dr. as to what is best for you, not what other people think. There's many different paths to the same end.


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