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Banker - Last April my daughter came home and started crying and told my husband and me that she was addicted to oxy's and couldn't stop taking them. We got her into a detox at a local hospital for a week. She attended NA meetings 3 times a week. But, she went back to using. We sent her away to Hazelden in MN for a month in June and she went to a rehab in Texas after that. She came back and started using again. She felt horrible about herself and couldn't understand why we still loved her and didn't kick her out. She continued with NA meetings and to me it seemed like she found more connections there to get the drugs. She tried to stay clean but used again and she went to another rehab in our state. Then same old story with her attending NA and trying but the cravings were too strong. Then in November she was admitted again into a detox and that's when I started calling up the sub dr's in this state. I found a dr and the day she got out of rehab, that night she saw the suboxone dr and she waited two days before she could start the suboxone, because she had methadone in her system for detoxing. But luckily, we had a huge snowstorm and she couldn't leave the house even if she wanted to. She's been taking the suboxone and is doing great.

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