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Need help
Dec 29, 2003
Hello. Ive posted here a few times in the past, but this is the first time that I will be compltetly honest. I am addicted to pain medication. It all started some 3 years ago. I was having my top teeth removed due to a childhood accident. I was being prescribed 20 or 30 7.5 hydro each visit. Went back about 10 times total, however after getting a taste for the hydro, I would get other prescriptions of it between visits for "on going" pain. At the same time, I was having serious back problems. Percocet, of course, was prescribed. When I couldnt get a prescription, I would go to the doctor for "pain" ailments, search my relatives medicine cabinets, etc. Early on I could take 3 hydro's in the evening and feel absolutly wonderful all night. Now, I have to take 4 every 3 or 4 hours to get any kind of euphoria at all. Recently, I have been prescribed Darvacet for leg pain. Darvacet is a mild drug compared to hydro and percs, but I got into the habit of using them. Take 4 of them and half hour or so later, I felt a great high. Anyway, my abuse has ran in spurts. Ive been doing pills for 3 years but i have had periods of a month or two with no drugs. Didnt really bother me much, but recently its harder to not have the pills. I took my last 8 darvacets last night, so basically Im out. I enjoy the drugs because they make me feel happy, even when I am not. I prefer to take them in the evenings for some reason. Needless to say, I dont want to take pills anymore. I worry about my liver. I hope I havent did damage to it. One time in the past I was having a hard time coming off percocet, and lavender baths helped me alot. I seem to have a harder time with the mental craving rather than the physical withdrawls. I am very happily married, have 2 great daughters, and a decent career. I just want to put these pills down, go thru the withdrawls, and get through the mental cravings. Whew !!!! I have been wanting to get this off my chest for a long time. I feel ashamed for becoming addicted, but with Gods help, you alls help, and some "SWEAT", I hope to go into and exit out of 2004 hydro, perc, Darvacet free. Any help is appreciated. Thanks

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