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Sorry I have not been following your story. But - you seem to be quitting the use of benzos? Viz, xanax and klonopin?
I tapered off ativan this year by first substituting valium (longer half life) and then tapering down the valium very slowly. It took me 7 months to come down from 30 mg valium (equivalent to 3 mg ativan or1.5 mg of xanax or 1.5 mg of klonopin).
It was a difficult time - but the greatest and most lingering of all the withdrawals was insomnia. The insomnia plagued me for the best part of 4 months after quitting finally, but I am now 6 months off and sleeping well again. By insomnia - I mean that some nights (or days) I did not sleep at all - on others - the maximum I managed was 3 hours from about midnight until 3.00 am when I was wide awake again. It was very debilitating and I got very depressed. All I can advise is giving it time. Seems to me like you are reducing these drugs at a very fast rate. But you dont seem to complain of other withdrawal symptoms and so you may just be very lucky. My advice would be to take no further medications but to let your body and mind adjust. This it will do in time. I wouldnt recommend the use of trazodone or any other drugs during this period of adjustment.
I wish you well - it appears that you are doing remarkably well - just give it some more time? These are strong psychotropic drugs - they alter brain chemistry - it takes time for the adjustments. Your brain will sleep when it has to - it has failsafe mechanims for survival!
Good luck - I will follow your journey with interest!
Never lose hope or give up - if I can do it - then anyone can!!!!

HI, yinksy,
Its been a couple days since we last posted to each other ,and I wanted to let you know how my "pill taking and insomnia" have been doing...
When I called my Doctor and told him the TRAZODONE didn't seem to be helping (it was at 200mg) it seemed to be giving me severe head aches he suggested triing ativan (lorazepam,1mg.). take two at bedtime. He only called into the pharmacy a 5day emergency amount. He told me that wouuld be enough time to see if it worked for me, but not enough pills to get me dependant on ,or to have withdrawals from.
well, they did seem to work, cause that first and second night ,I got about 6 and a half hours of straight sleep. Boy, did that feel good! the third and fourth night I got about 5 hours of sleep. And yesterday afternoon I was feeling tired, so I only took 1 pill (1mg.) around 5:00pm, and my wife woke me up from laying on the couch, and went right back to sleep in our bedroom ,and didn't wake up until about 7:00 AM !!!>>>> thats like 14 hours STRAIGHT SLEEP! i GUESS MY BODY REALLY NEEDED THAT AFTER SO MANY DAYS-WEEKS OF ONLY GETTING 2,MAYBE 3 HOURS OF SLEEP. I Have one pill remaining that I DON'T plan on taking tonight. I want to see if my body and mind can do it naturally like it use to!
By the way, yesterday, was the last day of my weaning off program of that XANAX, KOLONOPIN,and CATAPRES. AS of today, I am "Pill Free" !!!! Now, I guess>>> we will see what happens...... After being on so many pills (there were a series of Pain Pills, I just recently got over, hydros, oxys ,fentanal patches,ect., its been 30 something days clean for them!) for so long>>>YEARS, it feels great not having any pill bottles on my desk, or charts to remember which ones i took and when. All I have left now IS 20mg. of CELEXA taken once in the morning. <<<< Next,I will start to try and stop (WEAN- DOWN) from them ,and that will be that, as they say!!!! Maybe 2004 will really be "MY YEAR !!!!!......
Anyway, yinksy, that brings you up to date on my "PILL" life. If you can find the time (I know we are all so busy nowadays ), please post to me and let me know how you are doing>>>>for better or worst, and I will always respond to you.....

Take Good Care,

(use to be) Kinda-unwell

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