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It will take time before you feel comfortable back in the "real" world. I remember my wife telling me I was a recluse and she was tired of the hermit she lived with and she started taking me out or forced me out lol. I think like exercise the body adjusts to the load as its applied, so to feel better out socially you have to expose yourself to it. Small doses at first then build up. And Greg, yes it sounds like you have a "keeper" in Nicole. Whatever you do you need to hang on to this lovely, warm, STRONG lady. I know of few that could or would have done what she did for you.

As for the sleeping, that will be a problem for a bit I'm afraid. You have been beating up your body for some time now with the opiates, it doesn't heal overnight. Please be so very careful with the Soma, I had a Dr tell me that Soma is addicting and can be dangerous to detox from as it has life threatening side effects (like Benzo's) I used Melatonin (natural substance used for sleep and jet lag) to help with sleep. Like .5 or 1 mg 1/2 hour before bed is how it works. You can get it at Sams Club or Wal-Mart. Maybe give that a try. Have Nicole drive you over and the two of you pick it up. I remember in the beginning my wife was my chauffer also so not big deal, it was nice to be honest.

Be good and enjoy 04


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