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OMG I think I have found my help...
This site is great.. I don't even know how I found it but I am thrilled to find people that have the same probs I do.

It seem I am looking for "the perfect pill"...
the one that will make all my cravings go away, keep me energetic, happy, and just make everything perfect... Does anyone else feel that way? I am on Paxil CR and it is horrible.
I am an alcholic and I love my pain killers and decided to quit on new years, when on DEC 31st I broke my tailbone... they gave me oxycontin and oxycodone. I was so happy.. the worst part is I think they mis-diagnosed me because it really does not even hury, even when I wake up in the morning. Any way, I was perscribed 40 oxycodone, and have about 5 left.. as for the oxycontin; its only 10 MG and I really dont get much off of them . The bottle is almost gone as well. I was supposed to have them untill the 15th and I keep trying to "not eat one" because I only have a few left...
I find myself putting on a horrible act every morning that I am in excruciating pain so my husband get me my pills.. and I see where its going.
My question is if I quit now, will I suffer from withdrawl?? I had gone through a little withdrawl from vicodin a few years bac.. and I just got thos "body shocks" (thats what I called it; it felt like someone was shocking me for a second)
What is this withdrawl like and how long does it take to beat??
I also wondered how in the world pharmacy;s keep refilling your perscriptions.. was your doctor writing them daily for you??
Thanks.. any advice will help

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