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Congratulations, gone a few days and so much stuff is happening!

But I keep on wondering - why is everyone bailing from the suboxone? i feel as If I just got on it and have some stabilization in my life right now. so grateful that I have not one craving, that i can see a pill bottle and not feel the need to take anything, while at th same time, I feel OK, clearer, and not chasing my tail around anymore.

So why would I want to stop this???? Because of future withdrawals. I know in the beginning, I was so skeptical about suboxone, but so many were doing so well, that it influenced me and now these very same people are wishing they had never gone on it. I used to say it's substituting one addiction for another, but I thoguht everyone knew that.

So, I guess I just don't get it. Just when I feel I'm doing good and relieved, I feel this anxiety because of what so many of you are going through. My doc tells me not to read teh internet but I think it's valuable.

As for withdrawing, I don't think there IS a standard procedure for w/d from suboxone, not really; there is for other drugs because they've been around for along time and treatment centers know how to get you off.

All I know is about sub is that you don't just stop, you taper, very slowly. It doesn't seem that anyone is doing it slowly....

Anyway, I wish all of you the best, of course, what everone is going through affects me.

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