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My fellow recovering addicts. I went to the doctor this morning and I'm happy to share with you that I'm doing very well. I underestimated my own ability to fight this addiction on my own. My doctor is very happy with my progress, and he reduced my dosage from 4 percs a day to 3 a day until Jan 20, at which time, I'll be reduced to 2 per day and from there.........

When I went to the pharmacy to get my perscriptions of percocet and neurontin, the pharmacist commented on how much progress I've made from a year ago, she congratulated me on getting down to 3 percs a day from the 25-30 a day I was on around this time last year.

I thank God I never got caught up in obtaining pain pills on the street or through those internet pharmacies. I'm thankful that at least my will power held up against those temptations.

I sincerely hope that I can serve as an inspiration to somebody out there in cyber space to quit their addiction, the way some of the veterans of this board inspired me. Hey, I'm a tough guy, I'm a retired Soldier, I'm a disabeld combat veteran, so, these addictions can strike anybody in any walk of life, you might be surprised to know just how many folks in America have an opiate problem.

I am thankful that I stumbeld onto these boards, even though I was winning my battle already. I am eager to share my success with the rest of you and offer hope to those of you who have sank into the deep dark cave of addiction and lonliness, to those of you who struggle with the suffocating grip of depression and hopelessness. All is not lost my brothers and sisters, there is indeed life after addiction.

Talk to me........

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