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Your story is one i can relate to..10 yrs. is a very long be sober! thats inspiration.Relapse..unfortunately is also part of our "disease'.
Im a chronic relapser..several years addicted to H..w/ varying times up to 2 yrs sober from opiates.
I relapsed in march-for 3-4 months and tried coming off c/ go.
I have done cold turkey several times..just biting the bullet..maybe some benzos for the anxiety..but you know the routine-there is no magic do it.Just pure abstitinence.
I couldn't deal w/ it-and ended up seeking the help of an addictionologist to put me on suboxone.
This has helped me carry on w/ my life-as if i never was addicted to heroin.
Coming off the dope always sent me into months of depression-and lethagy that robbed me of any quality of life.I never could quite come out of the doldrums.
What im suggesting to you-is if you have a real tough time coming off check out the suboxone program.
No lines to wait in-your meds always on hand-and no CRAVINGS!Thats the killer!
You can detox w/ this med-or maintain.I believe its worked wonders for my depression(also being used for anti-depressant).
Please let us know how its going-good support here at healthboards..compassionate/good folks that have some great info.
Were all in the 'same boat"..wishing you peace/luck w/ your detox.
sister heather

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