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<addiction' began? Sorry, I just have to ask a few more questions. You can beat this thing. You may need to start going to AA/NA. Although there have been people that don't need it... but it's really hard without the help of some kind of support.>>

Thanks so much for responding, Banker. I'm going to have to carefully figure out some of these amounts, since once we decided to taper this week, we have been LITERALLY only 'scraping' at the Oxys. I (and my twin) take tiny 'nibble scraps' of a '40' (we each have our own!) and we try and make the pill 'last' almost a day. And I take maybe 3-5 Vics 7.5 a day. LAST month, before the supply dwindled, I guess I was up to 3-4 40s a day...Vics about the same as now. We are tapering 'together' and both feeling 'identical' miseries. As for the "anxiety" you mention, I'd have to say, 'no,' for now - I am not currently feeling mental anxiety. (More physical anxiety!) I DID have anxiety (panicky feelings outside the home) last fall and visited with our psychiatrist (our doctor who regularly prescribes us Prozac for past depression and past OCD). He prescribed Buspar (which I haven't found overly effective) and Clonazepam (Klonipin(sp?) for times of bad anxiety. I still have a fair amount of them and I have just done an interesting web search of how the drug is used in opiate withdrawal. I use it rarely, but I tried half of a .5 before and it DID seem to help. But until I am totally off opiates, I will be using it VERY sparingly...(and, for SURE, don't want to become 'hooked on THEM!" Your suggestion of a NA support group is excellent and definitely something to consider. (Just read Augustin Burrough's book, "Dry" about beating alcohol and he had quite some amusing stories of AA groups in the Village (Greenwich, that is!) Groups sure do differ! :-) While I take addiction and AA's amazing support and success totally seriously, I would hope to locate a NA group that was not 'only' about a rigorous, rigid search for a "higher power." (I do have family who are "AA-ers," so have at least some knowledge of the program and know it works when you make it work.) My sister and I are, so far, a great support system for each other - now that we have 'fessed up to each other how things have gotten out of hand for both of us (there are some things even twins are too embarrassed to discuss!), and we are good reality checks for each other. We both have the same 'edgy NY humor' and it sure helps to laugh a bit in rough times. But, we will keep an open mind to outside help. We are going away late next week for ten days of our one annual ski I honestly don't want to make the "total opiate break" on any Black Diamond mountain tops! :-) But we will continue to taper and hopefully get off this stuff afterwards. Thanks again for your response. Please feel free to comment on any of the above (if it sounds naive or out-of-whack, I'd like to know. And am happy to hear from anyone on this Board). Thanks!
Twin Best Friend (whose sister is reading this, too)

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