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[QUOTE=mdla]Today I called an addiction center to ask for help for getting off ambien (let me clarify) if there is help to be bought. The woman said no, that while they do know there is a large potential for abuse etc, there is no help to get off it. This is one of the largest most respected hospitals in the country telling me this so I assume its true. She told me I needed to taper off, I told her I tried. I tried to sweat in a sauna, go for 4 days until I was red eyeed and couldnt walk straight but I cant fall asleep w. out. what can i do?[/QUOTE]

OMG; I am so sorry this has happened to you ! I used to take Amb. also .
don't stop suddenly like that. Just break off tiny chips until you have enough of a pill left to fall asleep. Each night break off another little chip with your teeth. Continue this for a few weeks until you're down to NO pill at all. Then you May have to go on something not so addictive.
Please keep us posted.

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