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Whats Up, i posted a little bit about this on the depression board but i figure this is a better place to ask about marijuana withdrawal. I have ready various articles and have been told by a counselor that marijuana withdrawal is a real thing, but ive also been told ( by the people over at that marijuana withdrawal isn't a real thing and its all in my head. But than again they are obviously gonna be biased towards the fact that weed can't cause negative effects. I started smoking about 3 years ago but really didn't do it alot until last year. I was smoking maybe twice a week, the most 3 times but felt ok when i wasn't high. During the summer i cut way back until the end of the summer when i started smoking more frequently. Thats when i started feeling unlike myself when i wasn't high. I would feel spacey, almost zombie like, fatigued, not as motivated, and anxious. When the school year started up again i started smoking even more and when wasn't High felt even worse. In fact for a small time i probably smoked more than i did last year. I started becomming paranoid that there was something physically wrong with me and started having panic attacks. Over the past few months time has seemed to be going be extremely fast and i always feel spacey and i think i have some depression, but i want to know if Marijuana Withdrawal is a real thing. I basically feel like i am still HIGH kind of, but i know im not and don't feel the fun effects of being high. I haven't smoked in exactly 3 weeks and 2 days, and the last time i did it wasn't ALOT but it was enough to get me high. I don't think weed is the ONLY CAUSE of my problem but i am wondering if any of you know if marijuana withdrawal is a real thing and can contribute to depression and what not. Any insight/ advice would be greatly appreciated.


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