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Re: To Murphy
Jan 12, 2004
Hi Banker, I'm glad i caught your post.
I'm wondering if you had the same kind of feeling that I have when I fall asleep sitting up, with the lights on. Last night, I fell asleep watching a movie - and early!
But I think for me, if I didn't take the klonopin, that would not happen.
Once I take the klonopin, and a few suboxone tablets, that's when I usually fall asleep, not knowing it and I wake up either too tired (like you) to go upstairs to bed or I still have a magazine in my hand and the lights are still on.
I think one has to be very very careful as the docs say when taking benzos and suboxone, you know, because if I took more, maybe I'd never wake up?
But like you, I'm still grateful for them.
I've had these pills right in front of my face, and not felt the slightest desire to take one.
I have 200+ darvocets from awhile ago in my closet; not even tempting.
I don't understand it but i'm not questioning it.
I was like you at first Banker, so scared to begin, couldn't make a decision, I was driving the Drs. crazy, up to the last minute.

I do know that I also wake up feeling very very stiff, as if I hardly moved during the night and that feeling of staying in one spot. We're on it now for about the same length of time. I kind of really want to understand this drug a little more, don't you? the weird side affects, deep sleeps, etc. OH and the dreeams. They haven't been pleasant, but I've been dreaming every night.

Take care

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