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I wish I had a car that would make it 230 miles. :rolleyes: With a hefty habit such as mine, doesnt leave alot of money for the finer things. I have a 89 van that is on its last leg, but I bet my mom or sister might take me.

I don't usually leave the pills around, I left them out for my husband to take. He did't take all of them. It was a huge wake up call for me, but you have to know rachel. She is very rotton and spoiled. She is my last baby. I have been on the phone with posion control more with her than the other two combined. lol. She is a mess.

My husband told me he didn't want me to quit, I think he is worried about a potential divorce if I am clean. If I start talking about quitting, he puts me on such a guilt trip before I can get one day clean that I start using again more than I did before.

I never ment for it to get like this, I had bad migraines when I was pregnant, They had me in the hospital and then on percoset or lortabs for the rest of my pregnancy, I had the baby via c-section and another big script of percoset and then one of lortab. During this time I had a king size quilt to make for my grandads new wife. everyone was counting on me to make her chirstmas gift. My gallbladder went septic the middle of novemeber and the surgon put me on lortab untill the infection cleared up I used the pills for the energy they gave me to complete the quilt with a septic gallbladder and a brand new baby recovering for c'section and getting my tubes tied. Dec, 4 I had my surgery and was kept on pain meds for 3 weeks following. Come Christmas I was out of pills sick as a dog and ready to pay for them.

Please don't think I am a horrible mother, I am not. I can say I am more moody than most, but allway there for my kids. I can't remember how or who I was before. Im sure it was better, I know I was happy.
Sorry it is so long.
Im gunna call today. There are a few drs in charlotte that may see me. Its a 3 hr drive.


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