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Dear Banker...

Thank you so much for your prayers....because honestly, that is what will make the difference. I'm not too sure on WHY my dad is in denial. We've told him twice now and he just thinks he can make the difference...but we all know differently. I think he's comforted in their little world and doesn't want to rock the boat with my mom. Which again....I think is crazy. She's taking a TON of ultracet/ultram....meaning the bottle was over 200 and she went through it I think in less than a month. I honestly, don't know how much she's spending because she's good at covering that part up. Her friend gets them from Canada and her friend actually has a prescription for them because she has Lupus. I know my mom will probably never admit she has a problem....that's just not her type of personality. And we do all understand it's the meds taking her over. It's really hard to accept that we don't really know who our mom is because she's been medicated our whole life. We just want to help her because I know she's not able to help herself. Prayers, prayers, and more prayers, because I know God can help this terrible diease. I had no idea how many people were addicted to meds. Wow, it amazes me, but also makes me realize there are a lot of people out there I wish I could help. Thanks so much for listening!!

[QUOTE=Banker1151]MSFAN - you may have mentioned this before but where does she get them? How do you know how many she takes or do you? I don't understand about your dad... if she's that bad off, why can he not see it? How much $$ is she spending on these? My mother was an addict my whole life so I can SO relate to you on this. Even though you can try to get her help... you have to know that she will not stop abusing drugs until she is ready. I promise... it's nothing toward you... I became addicted myself and addicts have no control over their illness. I knew i was out of control and killing myself because I was taking so many lortab. My mother was in and out of rehabs but nothing seemed to work. She tried so hard but the disease was too strong and she could not beat it. Please keep us posted... I'm praying for your whole family.[/QUOTE]

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