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[QUOTE=kindaunwell]Hey, yinksy, I figured It would be nice to tell you as you are a-rising outta bed (a good nights sleep ,I bet !! ) Top of the morning to yer Lass, and I think you will be happy to know, That I am finally going to try your ADVISE ( Irish nagging ,so to speak !! )

I have deceided from last night on, I will no longer put any type of Drug into my body, and just let this insomnia heal itself naturally. I spoke with me Pain Doc. and he said ,"WHY NOT", because all the bensos so far only helped me the first 2 or 3 days and then they did nothing for me. My next step would of been Halcion (sp. ) and I already knew from buying them off from the street that they might worke, but the addiction possibillity was very high.

So, when you get on the computer ,tell me what you think.. And I really did believe your advice ( No Doubting TOMMY this time ), but it just took awhile to make its way into this thick Irish head of mine. But I am "secretly" glad you never gave up on me....

Hope to hear from you soon....

( A changing Me )


I LOVE YOU, big man!

Seriously though, Kinda - why not? You have absolutely nothing to lose? (And everything to gain?) I assume you checked with your "pain doctor" about cutting the benzos? But - I think you reckoned you were not yet hooked on them? But - for goodness sake - dont just stop if you have been using long term - or you may have seizures and other dreadful withdrawal symptoms. But - if you get the all clear from your doc - then great! Go for it!
Took me 7 months to taper off benzos and then I c/t off the opiates. It is not a wonderful experience - but a magnificent one to get behind you! You will have to be prepared for a few rugged days with little or absolutely no sleep (I know you will feel hellish) ............ but then - just when you think you cant take anymore (I found it almost intolerable) and will just try "something" again to ease the pain................ sleep starts to come. (When you feel like this - just tell yourself you will give it one more night) A couple of tortuous hours the first night or two - then you get hope and confidence that the old brain is actually healing............. suddenly one morning you wake up and realise you have slept for 4 or 5 hours................ and then you are away............the sky is the limit!
I just cannot tell you how "high" you can get on sleep and feeling good! Its unlike anything else!! Do you remember that feeling of waking in the morning - fresh, clear headed, ready to face the day and all its challenges....... and more? Again - a "master of the Universe"?

Keep focused on the task in hand, my blue eyed hero!

Looking forward to hearing how you are getting on! Dont give up - the prize is yours for the taking now.

yer Lass

ps - the most unhelpful phrase ever said to me during my battle for sleep was "no-one ever died of lack of sleep!" LOL.

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