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Hi everyone.

Like many people, I have been lurking for some time. I've always been amazed by the large number of people viewing a thread, but the small amount of people actually 'talking' on the thread. That shows me that there are so many of us who want help, but haven't gotten to the point of wanting to admit it. We'd rather read and listen to the few people who are actually able come out and talk about it on these threads.

anyhoo....I've gotten to the point where I'd like to introduce myself and work towards recovery. So here's my quick story and introduction...

I'm A 25 year old female. I was given painkillers in July 2002 for a neck injury (got drunk at the beach and decided to play in the waves, and got whiplash from being knocked down by the waves..yiikes!) and there began my saga. I went from taking 2 5/500 Vicodin a day, to (at the worst) being on a 50mcg duragesic patch, and taking 10-15 Norco (10/325 vicodin) a day. I am now trying to work down. I asked my doc last week to lower my patch to 25mcg, and am trying to take the Norco only as minimally as possible (about 8-10 a day) to keep my body out of withdrawals from lowering off the patch. Man, the withdrawals from stepping down from the 50 to 25 patch are unreal. Way worse than trying to come off a 10 a day Norco habit. Thats why if you are lurking reading this board, and are only taking 8-10 hydrocodones, PLEASE detox now.

I think the addiction started when I was working in social services, and realized what a stress relief they were. I was working in a group home, which was a house where 8 teenage girls lived...all of them came from broken homes, and were taken into custody of the court....many of their parents were in jail, or dead. Incredibly sad. I came home from work crying on a regular basis. I just couldn't fathom living in that environment. It was so institutional, and the exact opposite of feeling like a home. Especially around the holidays, it was almost too much to bear. Anyhow, I would pop a couple pills at work, and it helped me deal. I could talk to the girls without being on the brink of tears, and became a tireless worker. When I got off work, it would be 11PM, and I was so wired, I immediately had to have a couple more, along with some beer. So thats where it started getting out of hand. Good example for the kids, huh? As if they didn't already have to deal with drug addict parents, now their caretaker comes to work on pills. Needless to say, I had to quit.

Anyhow, just wanted to share my story, and begin talking to everyone.

You guys have all been an inspiration, and have helped me come out of the woodwork and start talking about this. Thanks!

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