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I'd be happy to share my experiences with you. I don't have much time so I'll be brief. My nickname "DCV" stands for Disabled Combat Veteran. I was lucky to have retired in Feb, 2002 because the Army wanted to medically retire me in 1998 when I broke my neck. But, I told the Army I'd be willing to take a desk job and finish out my 20 years and have a regular retirement. I had been a scout in the cavalry for 16 years, and I was so happy in that physical, exciting line of work. Well, when I had my accident in Gulf War I, (Desert Storm) I had to have surgery to repair my neck and I now have a pile of titanium rods, brackets, screws and etc. My doctor gave me a number of opiate analgesic pain killers, from tylenol #3s to vicidin, to percocet to straight oxycodone pills and even MS Contin. I ended up hooked on the percocets without realizing it. I spent several years bouncing in and out of a binge type of behavior with the pain pills. Last year it got out of hand, my wife started to notice some mild drug induced psychosis, the dialated pupils and moody behavior, you know the symptoms, well, she noticed. So, we fought back and fourth many times over the course of six months give or take. I finally discussed the issue with my doctor, and he told me I was "addicted". I lived in denial after that for a few more months, and I kept getting refills of percocet, legally from a different doctor. Okay, I'm digressing here so, let me get down to brass tacks.

At the height of my abuse I was taking 20-25 percocets or straight oxycodone pills per day for a month or a little longer. One day I went to the ER of a local hospital trying to fool the ER Doctor into giving me some kind of an opiate pain killer, (it was a Friday) well, the doctor gave me some motrin and told me did a search of my pharmacy record and there was "no way" he would perscribe any narcotic pain pills to me, as hte thought I had a "problem". That was my epiphany. I went straight to the VA Hospital and spoke to the Addiction Treatment Program folks. I had managed to get myself down to about 10 percocets a day and then I kind of got stuck. I found myself searching the internet for a way to get pills through internet pharmacies, and thank God I never went through with that. I found myself contimplating what hospital ER I could go to and how I could fool them into giving me some pain pills. But, manaed to refrain from doing that too.

Shortly thereafter, I was able to start seeing a psychiatrist who specializes in working with veterans with drug addictions. So, I get counseling from her along with some effexir for depression and some clonidine for withdrawl symptoms and sleep. My family doctor put me on a tapering plan for the pain pill addiction. He cut me from 10 per day to 8 per day for 2 weeks, and he has followed that course of action. The next 2 weeks he had me down to 6 percocets a day for 2 weeks, the 4 for 2 weeks and I am now down to 2 percocets a day and I'm getting ready to come off of them altogether. Because I've been disciplined enough, and have proven to him I'm serious about controlling this he is probably going to give me perscription for 30 percocets in 2 weeks and challenge me to take them, only when I can't take the pain any longer and we'll see how long they last.

It isn't a complicated plan, it's a head on, in your face kind of deal, which is exactly my style. I declared war on my problem and, I'm going to beat it.

I'm lucky, I still have my health, I still have my wife and kids, I still have my house, my self esteem and confidence are growing each and every day, because I'm proud of myself and I like that feeling.

I agree with you about John 3:16 by the way. I know she has a good heart, and very good advice for the novices on the board, she is indeed an inspiration, to me and I'm sure to many others.

Additionally, I'm sure your right that there is a difference between a dependancy and an addiction. In fact, I know there is. The question Creeky needs to have answerd is which one is she? And in my humble opinion, she needs to be honest with her doctor, so he can make an informed decision on how best to assist her.


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