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I think you bring up an interesting topic for discussion.
I have not yet read anybody elses posts yet becasue I just wanted to respond to yours and then read.
I believe I was here at some point before you Banker. I don't remember you.

My present is, is that I am not on suboxone, 8mg/day and doing very well on it. I am very grateful. When I first got here I was so scared; I was taking 20-25 vicodin per day for 4 months (a relapse). This board also helped me through a detox, but I relapsed again.

I was very afraid to take the suboxone because it was an unknown to me. At that time, there were many, many people (sparko-cet will probably remember) who had just started to take suboxone and said it was a miracle drug, a wonder, and were very very happy to have found it.

I came along, did research on it, and asked alot of questions; like what happens when you want to withdraw from suboxone? And isn't it really like substituting one addiction for another. These were questions to help me make a decision because I was waffling so much. I did not mean to put any kind of damper on suboxone, but I guess i did by bringing up any possible negative thing about it, because people began to get mad at me for even asking these questions. People perhaps didn't want to face the reality of the answers to the questions at that time probably because they were where you are now - doing well, it's saved your life (as it did mine). It bothered people so much that there were many complaints about me and my comments about suboxone. They were really innocent and I certainly did not want to put a damper on anybody elses progress with it. I just wanted to know. Is it true that it's easier to withdraw from than pills. I swore to myself I would never get on methadone because I heard so many nightmares about people taking a year to get off and feeling so bad for so long. Was this going to be the same? The Drs. told me know. And the people on the boards weren't exactly sure but told me know.

So, while I understand where you are coming from, exactly, with what you are feeling every time someone talks about the problems of suboxone, I also identify with them somewhat. I know they don't mean to burst your bubble of mine.

I personally though have a big problem with those that go the NA route, and congratulations to them for working hard and somehow manage to stay sober, to hold it against those that have not been able to sto relapsing, so they choose another form of treatment, like suboxone. I asked my counselor recently, because they want me to go to NA meetings, etc. what do I say about suboxone, because even in the group meetings, some people resented me for taking suboxone, and their insurance wouldn't cover it so they had to do it the 'hard' way. What they don't understand, is that I did it the hard way too, so many times.

Am I taking the easy way out? I don't know. But at this point, I don't care. I'm absolutely thrilled to suddenly be off pills completely, not tempted. Wow, what an accomplishment for me. I was going to take Spark-o-Cet advise a month ago and quit early like his girlfriend, but I truly did not feel mentally ready. So I didn't. And, I would have no problem taking it for life if I felt that was best. Society will always try and make you feel guilty, and that in turn makes others feel guilty within themselves sometimes that they are just substituting. I try not to care what other people think, but how am I doing - feeling, etc.

What others think is not important when it comes to this. Maybe someday I will get off, but I'm not going to start worrying about withdrawal until that day comes.

And Banker, if it makes you feel any better, everybody's chemistry is different. I talked to a client of my Dr who got off suboxone with minimal problems after a 3 months taper. She didn't miss work, wasn't sick, and said it no way compared to getting off pills. So - everyone is different.

I apologize for being so long-winded.

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