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Hi Banker and Wakeup. I don't really know much about how many hydros are too much to go to sub but the doc who put me on it knew and he didn't say anything. May be you remember that I had a terible action to suboxone and it turned out I was alergic or some thing to the nalone or whatever in it. Then I was on subtex and it did stop all the wds. I started at 24 mg of sub and it was way too much because I was so tired. But even then I had the nausea and some nervusness. I finally cut down to 4 mg before stopping it but even at 8 and 12 mg I had a lot of nausea and nerves and it kept getting worse. I thought it might be wds too so I tried going up to 16 mg of sub and the nausea and nervusness got worse. My reglar doc said it is like any other drug and some people can't take certen drugs because they have bad actions to them. The sub just never agreed with my body.
As far as methadone, I don't think that's the only choice if you have chronic pain. I have been reading another board and I sure am learning a lot there. The docs have all kinds of drugs to use so it is just about finding the one that works best for a person. I don't know what the pain clinic will say but I know I want to try going off all narcotics and see if the pain can control with other things. If not I will have to cross that bridge when I come to it. But I know I will try to get off and then see.

My doc who I realy trust said 10% a week taper is pretty much standard. He said in chronic pain the taper can be 5% a week so I am aiming for 5 or 10% depending on how I feel. If I can go off completely it will take some thing like 18 to 20 weeks. I know that the last time I would taper too much and then binge and back and forth like that so this time I am going to stick to what I'm told and just do 5 or 10% and see what hapens.

I hope you guys are doing good and thanks for writing to me. I like writing here but the other board I read only because it is like going to school or some thing and I learn a lot but I can't talk like the people there so I just read and learn a lot. Thank you for being here for me.

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