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Re: To John 3:16
Feb 10, 2004
Hey Michelle, add me to the list of the "wondering worriers" we miss your words of wisdom.Hoping everything is okay.Please post when you can.

Murphy, what you are experiencing could be migranes.There are generally two forms of migrane.Common and classic.I get the classic form with the flashing lights,and it looks like I am looking through broken glass.This is referred to as an aura.I also get a numbness and tingling in one of my arms and the strangest symptom is really hard to explain.I have recently learned that this is actually called proprioperception,where you look at the affected arm and it dosen't look like it is yours,or that it kind of has a mind of its own?Its almost like some kind of detatchment.It is really creepy.If you have experienced it you know exactly what i am talking about.If not, it is really hard to explain to someone. The other form is the common.This headache comes on all of the sudden and does not have the aura warning,and can start out like yours with a very mild headdache that progresses to a really nasty one.And vomiting and severe nausea is a very common symtom of both types of headache.Both headaches can stay for many,many hours.The one real distinguishing symtom of a migrane is that the headache is almost always one sided,although you still can have an overall effect.It could also be a form of a cluster type headache or any of a number of different headaches.And the reasons for the headaches are also be numerous.I found out after my Dr told me that food can be a big trigger for migrane that mine were in fact being triggered most of the time whenever i ate italian sausage,peanut butter or drank red wine.There is just something in certain foods that can trigger the headaches.after writting down what i had recently eaten every time I got a migrane that certain patterns started to develop.When you get a headache, think back to what you recently ate within that day and the day before.Just keep a little running list and you might see some connections there. But the only way you are going to be able to really know for sure just what is causing them is to see your Dr.I have a drug called Midrin that I take for my migranes that i have to take within the first few minutes after the aura starts and it actually aborts the headache.If i wait too long, I am stuck in a dark room for like up to 12 hours sometimes.There are so many different types of drugs now for headaches that if you went to your Dr, he/she would be able to find something that would work for you.I hope this clears things up for you. And by the way, we missed you too Murphy. Marcia

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