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Re: Am i addicted?
Feb 7, 2004
[QUOTE=smashittopieces]i take 2-3 percocets a day usually...i have terrible headaches and it's the only thing that works for me..i was on other medicines but because of a seizure i had to come off of them..i came here for advice b4 but i'm not so sure i'm even addicted because i've gone a few days without one, but i rarely have a day where i don't have a headache..when i don't have one i don't take any pills though. i don't even like them since they make me nausious but i don't know what else to do because the pain is unbearable. do you guys think i'm addicted? i'm afraid i will become really addicted because taking one pill rarely works anymore.[/QUOTE]You may or may not be addicted to percoset but there is such a thing as a re-bound headache which can occur with plain aspirin or acetaminophen as well. It happens because the source of the headache is not being treated and the symptoms are just being held back by pain relief temporarily. When the medication wears off the cause of the head ache is still there. Since percoset is highly addictive, the chances are that your tolerance level, the amount you need to feel relief, will continue to increase. See your doctor about getting to the source of the headaches if you can.

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