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I want to talk about kids and how they see things. When i was about twelve my parents were really having trouble being civil to each other. Very loud fights and arguments. I always used to strain my ears from my room hoping they would stop because I didnt want our family to break up. I was very scared of this outcome. My dad asks one night, "which one of us would you like to live with if you had to choose." I am getting to the main point. Their fighting got so bitter one night my dad ended the fight by beating on my mom severely. I did my best to comfort her after it was over but she was hysterical and crying her *** off. I could hear my dad yelling at her as he beat her. I still remember the exact words he used that night. Kids DO NOT FORGET things like this. Im in counseling today for opiate addiction but I have told my counselor about this fight because it still haunts me today and plays a major role in me and my dads relationship. I want a better one but I always return to that night and I have such a unrelenting anger towards my dad that whenever we argue I am very short and ready to pound him, my own father, into the ground. He is in his 60s now and no match for me anymore but Im still furious over this. I have to confront my dad someday over this and let it go because it is just burning a hole in me and Im so tired of holding onto it. I just wanted to write that and say that if any of your kids saw what your husband did to you Lisa it will stay with them forever.

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