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I was reading peoples stories about taking vicodin.And then how to taper off of them.This is taking alot for me to do but here it goes.In nov.of last year I was diagnosed with fibromyalgia.I seem to have it pretty bad.I hurt everyday.
My rhuematologist does'nt believe in using narcotics to help the pain.So he's been giving me alot of different pills to try.Which none of them have helped.So I took things into my own hands.My husband has a bulging disc and arthritic degenrative disease in his back.His doctor gave him vicodin 500mg to start with in march of this year.30 a week.Then 60 a week Now he's been taking lortab 10/5 60 for 10 days.Well my husband knows how much I hurt so he said I could take them to.It's ended up I have been taking them for 6 months now.Sometimes more than I should.He's not addicted,I am.I'm so afraid of withdrawls,because I have had them recently for 3 days.Everyday they just got worse.I have 3 kids and alot of stress amongst other problems like back pain of my own,IBS,tension headaches,etc.The vicodin's really helped me but I have more problems taking them.I just had 2 tumors removed from my arm and have been sick with everything it seems since then.I know my immune system is shot.I want to get off of these pain pills not only because of my health but for my husband to be able to have them when he needs them.We only have a few left.And I need to know how bad and how long these withdrawls are going to last.Please help me.

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