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I have been reading all the great posts here and have found much comfort in knowing that I am not alone recovering.

I am on my 3rd week being free of my Percocet addiction & it has been a slow and painful process.

(A little history)

I was given Percocet about 3yrs ago for torn tendons in both elbows. Until about a year ago I kept my usage to 1-4 pills a day depending on the day. Over the last year I was up to 6-8 a day and knew I was in trouble. I told my doctor that I was addicted and he told me that until I was ready to stop he would keep filling the script (80 Percocet 10/325 every two weeks)
I didnít want to take the stuff anymore, though I didnít want to get sick from not taking them either, (You know the story). Anyway I decided to check in to a Detox/Recovery Center to get off the little devils.

When I checked in they told me that I would be detoxed with Buprinex and would most likely have no withdrawals at all. Sounded great too me. The Detox portion of the stay was 72 hours and then a 24hr observation period after the last dose of Buprinex. I made it through the Detox and observation pretty well. The Buprinex really kept me from feeling much discomfort, other than not sleeping well & some head / body aches. I thought I was home free and decided not to stay for the ďstabilizationĒ portion of the program. The decision not to stay was also based on the facility (Not a comfortable or friendly place) I also took offence being told that I would never be able to stay off the stuff if I didnít complete the process.
(Never tell me I canít)
Anyway, when I got home the withdrawals really started after the Buprinex wore off. Itís been terrible for the last 3 weeks. Today I can finally tell things are getting better. Still canít sleep and have periods of anxiety.

Regarding Buprinex, I think that it only postponed the Withdrawals based on what I am going through, or I was not tapered off correctly. I am curious, has anyone else experienced issues after Buprinex for Detox?

Thank you,


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