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Hey Elf

I take it you like LOTR? You will then probably be happy to know that I profusely made fun of my boyfriend and his friends for loving the first one so much, and then when I finally watched it, I was hooked and had to apologize for accusing everyone of being dorks. I have now seen all 3 in the trilogy 3 times each. I love it and am darn proud of it!

That being said, I think you should consider talking to your doc about methadone. If you are in legit pain, and are becoming so tolerant to the short terms meds (I know you are on oxycontin, but don't know if you are chewing them, which would include them as a short term meds?). If you are mentally ready to kick the stuff, but your pain makes it impossible, you have to make that tough decision....meaning that you have to make an honest appraisal about your level of pain. Is there really no other way to treat your problem? Is narcotic pain medication the only way to fix it? If so, then methadone will treat it, and if you are seeing a pain management doc, they have the ability to prescribe it. It works for both maintenance from quitting opiates, but also for pain. Chefob always explains the advantages/disadvantages to these maintenace meds best...if you are interested in finding out more about the methadone, do a keyword search on this board and you will find lots. Just keep in mind that it also is a synthetic narcotic, and when you stop taking it, withdrawal will come. I just think its just easier to do an extrememly slow taper off of because you don't have the desire to swallow the whole bottle like with percs, vics, oxycontins, etc. And your regular pain management doc can prescribe this for dual concerns...addiction (or you can also just stick the fact that you are just highly TOLERANT to anything else), and chronic pain management.

I was on the methadone for about 3 months, and wished I had stayed on it. Instead, I decided to tell the doc it didn't work and made me sick, because I was hunting for oxycontins at the time. This was a trick I used for a few months. Every time we would try a new medication, I would call the doc within 2 weeks and tell him it didn't agree with me, made me sick, itch, and he would try something else with me. This allowed me to polish off each script in half the time it was allotted for (another proud moment of my past!) So now my medical record chart says I'm allergic to methadone, so I will have to come clean about more than just one thing if I ever tell my doc the truth. yikes!

Anyhow, I know the methadone helped my chronic pain, and it made me not think about pills. I took my dose in the AM and PM, and just felt normal the rest of the time, and the only side effect was that I was unusually tired. I have pinched nerves, bulging disks too, so I know how you feel.

Anyhow, if you do plan to go cold turkey (you were asking about it I think?) just do a keyword search on this board, and you will find a wealth of information about medications, strategies to get through it. For me, I took xanax to keep myself asleep, and trazadone (desaryl) which was given to me for helping back pain at night (and seems to really help withdrawals because I think it helps regulate blood pressue), took 800mg Motrin, B-vitamins, and a small dose of zanaflex (muscle relaxer) when I felt like I was absolutely ready to rip my arms and legs off. If you have access to a hot tub, I would sit in it as long as you possibly can. It helps keep your muscles loose and the restlessness to a minimum.

If you have any questions I might help with, let me know. I am trying to head down the recovery road too, and will tell you my story when I have some time (and if you are interested!)

Gotta run....


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