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Your post rang a bell in my brain..sounds like me..driving in the car-nowhere to go/losing my concentration,etc..what your going thru seems like what happened to ill say..its normal????all the feelings/emotions/anxiety..thats how i ended up on a benzo-panic/anxiety kicked in for a yr till my sister dragged me off to a dr/therapist-where i have been doing all i can to pick up the pieces.
I am sorry to hear on your loss-he od' what i gathered..i came close to losing my husband when he od'd in a cabin-no phone..he finally came to..but after 15-20 minutes of no breathing/turning was a miracle we got him awake.
You are not boring anyone-you are dealing w/ what i consider one of the hardest most emotional things anyone can go thru..kicking that coccoon..for the harsh reality of life..and w/ everything you have gone thru those emotions are raw.
Have you considered any help..therapy/groups etc??Im a big therapy fan-since it helped me alot..and a benzo/and suboxone-opiate replacement..have you heard about suboxone..close to a miracle that med..many people on this board have opted for this treatment..for those of us who are chronic relapsers..its given us a chance to live life w/o "drugs".
I feel like your going thru the typical insanity when you take away the opiates/and everything you are doing..seems natural to the situation..
I send you a prayer

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