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[QUOTE=KimRick]I truly believe that he is still going through the withdrawls and he probably will continue to go through them for the next year. I have read the Ashton Manual front and back - good stuff! I think I read, in the Ashton Manual, that you're supposed to wean for as long as you've been taking them.[/QUOTE]
Yes Kimrick

I am sure he is still going thro withdrawals and will continue to so do for some time to come. Maybe even beyond a year. But you have your Ashton Manual (she is now recognised as a leading world expert in the field of benzo withdrawal - her Manual and guidelines are now used in GP's surgeries in UK) - stick with it - you will find nothing else more useful. She is an emminent professor of psyhco-pharmacology who has dedicated her research and life to the treatment of the benzo sufferer.

I so understand what your fiance is now going through - but he shouldn't feel alone - there are literally thousands of fellow sufferers.

I am not clear how long your fiance has now been "off" the drugs. Sometimes it is suggested that people re-instate and then taper slowly - but this is only if they have been off the drugs for a short time and are suffering full florid withdrawal - then re-instatement - followed by slow taper -might help. (It doesnt always) If , however, he has been off a number of weeks/months then there is probably no way re-instatement will help and he now will just have to "tough it out".

(Understanding the mechanism of the action of benzos on GABA sites in the brain helps you to understand why recovery takes so long and is so hard? Ashton has a simply described explanation)

I suspect that his symptoms will wax and wane in intensity and type from day to day, week to week........but dont be discouraged by this rather roller coaster ride, these "waves" will become less severe and less frequent with the passage of time. He will have "windows" of normality when he will feel positively well for some time (a few hours or even days)and then he will be plunged back into the whirlpool of symptoms again. But the "windows" will become more frequent and will last longer.
Take heart - it is a struggle for sure - but at the end of the day he will have won the war! He will be benzo free and will have fought the fight of his life!

Wishing you well

a benzosurvivor!!

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